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Im Back!

Hey guys! im finally back! I know most of my wordpress friends arent even on wordpress anymore. but, they can always come on my site! Anyways, i have alot to tell you. ive changed alot. well not that much just some. lol. anyways, i am going to give you one fun fact everytime i publish a post. 🙂 ok, here are some things i want to tell you. (1) I am sharing a YouTube account! (2) My friend who moved to Texas came back! (3) I am a freak! LOL jk (maybe i think i am but im the cool kind!) (4) I got a new kitten and hes 1 year old now! Well, thats about it… i think… Im not into club penguin as much,i go on it about 2-4 times a month. maybe less, maybe more, it depends if im making a CLUB PENGUIN MUSIC VIDEO!!! 😀 anyways, here is a funny picture to perk up your day.

Freaked Link and Ganondorf hugging

so, i will be posting more stuff soon. oh and here is what will be on this website now. Music & bands im interested in~New video games i think r interesting~SOME club penguin~YouTube~and other random crap lol. Anyways, see you later.