This is about my YouTube channel. It is SabbySmitheau. Here are some videos, im not showing all of them to you since you can just go to my youtube channel. PLEASE GO TO IT!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyways, here you go! Oh and if you have any requests for videos, please comment below. I will give half of the credit to you if you give me the ideas and I make it. 😀 

Whataya want from me CPMV

Elvis’s Adventure – Part 1

Ok i would give you some more videos but I dont feel like it lol. Anyways, the Elvis’s Adventure series (i hope,) will become a big thing on youtube. AS I SAID I HOPE! And I already have 2 episdoes out, we’ve got the 3rd one done but i havent uploaded it to my computer yet lol. Anyways, We’ve already planned out episodes 4 and 5. So I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for episode 6, and maybe episodes 7-9! Because episode 10 is a movie. Every 10 episodes there is a movie. (10 minutes long) So, if you want to share your ideas for Elvis’s Adventure, please comment and share them on MAY 15th!! I have to get together with my buddies to do all the episodes and lately I’ve been able to do that for about 4-5 weeks, so…. I should take a break. Anyways, I WILL have the 4th episode out before April 19 OR April 26. Well, please comment! (you can give me the elvis ideas right now anyways)


May The Force Be With You


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