Ideas For Video Games

Ok, im obsessed with playing video games. Thats why I want to join Nintendo, IN JAPAN, when I get older. I already know a few Japanese words – I have a book – but they are just greetings and yes or no. Anyways, Ive already got some pretty good ideas for video games but I need some help. Im just thinking of a STORY TITLE, WHAT ITS ABOUT, WHAT MAIN ENEMIES & CHARACTER(s), WHERE IT STARTS OUT, and HOW IT ENDS. Oh and if it is a fighting game, WHAT IS THE FINAL BOSS. So, If you have any ideas for video games, but you dont want to make it, never will, and wont join a game making company, then give me game ideas in the comments below. And IF i ever actually make it in like 10-20 years (maybe even sooner) then I will give credit to YOU. yup, YOU will be in the credits. So, if you want to give me ideas, you have to organize them like this.

(5) GAME RATING (like E for everyone, E 10+, T for teen, etc.) But Ill have to be the judge of that. Just tell me what you think it wouldbe rated as.
(7) HOW IT ENDS (well you dont HAVE to figure that out so dont put it if you havent thought of it yet)
(8) FINAL BOSS (if there is one)
(9) GAME SYSTEM (ex. computer, Wii, Playstation, DS(i), etc.)

Ok. Now make sure it is appropriate for this website because I will not accept innapropriate things on here.

Other than that, please enjoy telling me your game ideas. Oh, and I dont forget things important, so you will have to be waiting a loooonnng time before you actually see the game coming out. AND IM NOT MAKING A BABY GAME-sorry. Here, Ill give you a game that I hope to make someday. Its kind of religious but it is probably going to be pretty cool.

Ok, you play as this girl, Nevai (nev-I), she is only 15 years old. You are in her home, with her little sister, 3 older brothers, and her disabled mother. Her little sister is Marie (mir-ee) she is 6. Her 3 older brothers are Jack, Kaaru, and Ruku.  Jack is 21, Kaaru is 17, and Ruku is 19. Her disabled mother is Jane, she is 49. Now, Nevai is obsessed with ancient Egyptian history. Later on she goes to Egypt and blah blah blah. She has to go to a different pyramid every time she defeats a boss. The final boss is trying to take over the world with the Devil’s power to defeat God and his Angels. Nevai is the only one who can stop him.

Now, the gameplay is like metroid prime, how you see things. I have more info but I dont wanna give too much out. Im not sure what game system it could be played on yet.


Ok, so please give ideas of your own, remember, I have no right to fully own them, I would never do such a thing. 🙂


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