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Loaded With Homework!

Everyone who goes to school should definately read this post. Today, I just got homework in every subject. ALMOST every subject. So what? The homework we get these days is ridiculous. I have homework is social studies, math, science, reading, and spelling. Yeah. Now, the thing is, is that in most schools, 5th – 12th or 6th – 12, there is different teachers for different subjects. I know, it MIGHT seem cool to some people, and it is to me, kinda, but here is the problem. Lets say,, your teacher’s name is (random and its just an example) Mr. Hobling. He teaches you social studies. he gives you homework, wb pg. 47. Then you go to Ms. Fefter. She gives you homework in math, Mrs. Kapatree gives homework in spelling, and Mr. Weeblaah gives homework in science. They all say “If you dont get this done by tomorrow, you get study hall/detention/a checkmark/a mark on your R&R sheet! Kids, its only one worksheet!” THEY DONT KNOW THAT YOU HAVE HOMEWORK IN ANOTHER CLASS! Now, alot of kids go to sports practice. Or marching band practice after school, that waists homework time. Im not saying you shouldnt or anything, im saying that alot of children have alot of things to do at home or after school. SOME MIGHT GO OUT TO EAT AT A RESTAURANT AND DONT GET THERE FOOD UNTIL 2 HOURS AFTER THEY COME IN!!! sorry, that happened to me once… lol. Plus, family time and dinner. Equals a few hours to get your homework done. The point is, is that the teachers dont know you have homework in another class. And they expect you to get it done the next day!!? At least 2 days! Well, the weekends are reasonable when you have homework, but im talking about when you have homework on Monday and you have to get it done on Tuesday. Its just wrong. Then sometimes you stress out, you may throw a fit, cry, or maybe you have a brain fart (ALL CREDIT TO MY AWESOME MATH TEACHER!!! :D) and forget you had homework. When you forget, your teacher may scold you in front of the whole class, calmly tell you that your getting a 0 or in trouble, or if they are really nice sometimes they might even let you do it in class or the next day! 🙂 But, I think there should be a system or some kind of thing that tells all the teachers if the kids have homework in a different subject. Ill explain below.

You have homework in math. 1 worksheet that is medium (11-15 questions). = One day to get done.
You have homework in science. 1 worksheet that is short (1-10 questions). = One day to get done.

Total worksheets: 2
Time to get done: 1 day

+ Homework in Social studies. 1 worksheet medium.

Total ws: 3
Time to get done: 2 days

What do you think? Maybe us kids should work out a way to get teachers off our backs (no offence teachers! :))from giving us so much homework and expecting us to get it done the NEXT DAY! WHO IS WITH ME!!!??? 😀
If you have anything to say about this, please comment! 🙂


Rock Or Country?

Umm…. just vote if you like rock or country more. ON THE POLL, but if you want to, you can comment and tell us why you chose rock, or country. sooooo i guess i should tell you why i picked ROCK.

(please no offence taken to country likers or lovers! [music kind])

Country is too twangy for me. I know not all of them are but I didnt give all of my reasons, i didnt want to anger people who like country, because if i did, they would get mad at me and leave mean comments. ok? dont comment on what i said. 🙂 you can say you agree. but, anyways, see you l8r!

~3mp [it says Emp.]

Fun Fact: On average people fear spiders more than death.
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Im Back!

Hey guys! im finally back! I know most of my wordpress friends arent even on wordpress anymore. but, they can always come on my site! Anyways, i have alot to tell you. ive changed alot. well not that much just some. lol. anyways, i am going to give you one fun fact everytime i publish a post. 🙂 ok, here are some things i want to tell you. (1) I am sharing a YouTube account! (2) My friend who moved to Texas came back! (3) I am a freak! LOL jk (maybe i think i am but im the cool kind!) (4) I got a new kitten and hes 1 year old now! Well, thats about it… i think… Im not into club penguin as much,i go on it about 2-4 times a month. maybe less, maybe more, it depends if im making a CLUB PENGUIN MUSIC VIDEO!!! 😀 anyways, here is a funny picture to perk up your day.

Freaked Link and Ganondorf hugging

so, i will be posting more stuff soon. oh and here is what will be on this website now. Music & bands im interested in~New video games i think r interesting~SOME club penguin~YouTube~and other random crap lol. Anyways, see you later.